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Established in 1990, C & M Connections has positioned itself for the new millennium. Education and expansion have been our goal since day one. To keep up with the unrelenting advancement of Information Technology/Telecommunications we have added a design group to our fold. Digital Transfer Systems now handles all of the design/
consulting/engineering and electronic sales for C & M Connections. The same number gets you in contact with the source you need!!!

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C & M Connections Update

If you do not like your
cabling looking like this ---->
Then email or call us at: 806.765.8710
for your repair estimate!!!

If your
cabling does not look like this
Then email or call us at: 806.765.8710 for your repair estimate!!!


Special Offer

C & M Connections' First's

  • the first company to educate their personnel in proper high speed cable and fiber installations

  • the first company to add a Comprehensive Warranty to their installations

  • the first company to guarantee cable competency after installation

  • the first company to make UTP the standard cable in the workplace and home

  • the first company to guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on any call into C & M Connections

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Do Not Forget to Label!!!

Cable labeling is probably the easiest, cheapest and most forgotten part of cable installation. C & M Connections can help you trace, track and keep up with those previously installed cables.

Extracting Old Cables

Nobody likes to do it but sometimes old cabling must be removed.

  • C & M Connections can remove old cables that have become fire/smoke hazards. Removal of old PVC cabling is important!!!

  • C & M Connections can also remove and reinstall existing cables prior to and following destruction/construction.

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