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Clean Power for all Products

C & M Connections is committed to providing clean power options to all of it's customers and products. Ask your sales representative about an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). UPS prices start at $45.00 for a 375VA, two outlet unit.

If you do not know your power needs or question your equipment's power requirements, call C & M Connections, TODAY. We can
calculate the most appropriate UPS or line conditioner for your needs. Your data is much to valuable to loose to unclean power supplies!!!

Estimating and Billing Changes - Create your way to cable...

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We are changing the way we estimate and invoice your cabling...
You choose the plan that's right for you or your company.

  1. Estimate - Pay for your cabling on a drop-for-drop/estimate basis!      (Great for any businesses size.)

  2. Open estimate - A yearly agreement on unlimited cabling for your building on a per drop basis!! (Better for all budgets.)

  3. Open estimate plus - One small yearly/monthly price for unlimited drops, MAC's, the works!!! (The BEST for any budget or any business size.)

  4. Contract Estimate - One yearly rate for all services!!!! (The VERY BEST.)

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